Learn Online: Business Success Guide to Starting an Online business from A to Z

Online business mlm was making hot, people said.

But the fact is rarely that actually know the principle ...

... when we search for information on Google on how to start a business online, 90% we find precisely the website-a website that offers paid memberships.

Then we were told to recruit others.

Sort of MLM multi-level Marketing, but online mlm.

Like that hell is not a business, we mocked everyone else so that we give money and work for them.

Now I will open your eyes.

I would absolutely teach a real online business.

Therefore, after reading this guide series, you will know that the step-by-step you have to do to start your first online business.

Let's start.:

Understand the principles of online business mlm multi level marketing

I want to emphasize: it's the same with online business offline business.

The principle is the same ...

... provides products/services, then made so that others come to us.

How it works is also the same.

Therefore, do not feel that this is a strange science.

Caution also if anyone offers a magical business generates hundreds of millions of dollars in a heartbeat ... usually fraud.

If the offline impossible, in online also definitely impossible.

There is only one thing that distinguishes offline business with online:

If the offline we are opening shops, offices, restaurants, stalls, and the like. As for running an online business, we create websites.

Products/services sold can also be different ...

... If a physical product offline business. While in the online business we can also sell digital products, in the form of a file on a computer without a physical form.

Again, this principle:

Please do not feel this alien, how to work online and offline exactly
Be careful with the "business of magic" that offers a tantalizing revenue in an instant

Business online were the same as offline; that distinguishes only the medium only

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Select online or offline? This is the reasoning

So you already understand sameness and some distinguishing.

That's not all.

Although the process is the same, because the medium is different then certainly there are particular considerations before beginning.

Not everyone fits in with your online business ...

... it could be after reading the following you would prefer running offline businesses only.

Delicious running a business online:

The system starts automatically when it awakens
The market potential is greater than offline
Can be started with the effort and lower costs
Not bound to time and place
Compared to the offline business in the same model, revenues were relatively larger

Roughly it.

Which of the following is not necessarily a lack of online business but things usually make people disappointed with online business:

The process is the same as offline business: to create, market, and sell products
Although not a problem for you internet hobby & computers, you are very clueless about computers may be a bit problematic
Many are too quick to give up (for want of instant earnings)
You still need a job seriously; online business is not magic that can make money while you sleep
Instead of passive income

From now on you will hear a lot of unfamiliar terms.

Not hard, but unfortunately I often meet people who haven't anything has given up because they don't understand the language.

If you want to succeed in business online, do not simply gave up when hearing the words/sentences difficult to understand. Search on Google to understand its meaning.
Some of the popular online business models

There are five types of business models most often run online.

Of course, not all these models are fifth, but usually, online business models that subsets or branch of one of them.

Now we discuss one by one ...

... so you don't get confused when it goes into the main material.

In addition to the explanation for each type, I will also discuss whether the model fit well with you or not.
1. The sale of products/services online

This is the easiest; everyone would already know.

The difference with the offline business, you will sell your products/services through the website. Could be from your own website, social media, or the online marketplace such as Tokopedia, BukaLapak, etc.

Because it's already clear, I will not speak at length.

The business model is a good fit for you:

Already know your product/service be sold
Already have an offline business, want to "spread our wings" to the online world
Don't have big capital or no capital at all
Need a direct income

2. Be publisher ad

Ever wonder why not on the internet a lot of blogs and websites that provide information for free?

Because they advertise.

There is one of the largest ad network, Google's AdSense, its name. It is often used by website owners.

The process thus:

First, we create a website that provides information or as a community, we then invite others so come to the website.

Once the website is popular, we register on Google AdSense.

If it is accepted, then we get the code that can be copied-paste into your website.

After that, his ads will appear automatically.

Each time visitors click the ads that we put, we get a Commission. Her commissions vary between $ 0.01 up to $ 5 (even more) per click.

The business model is a good fit for you:

Want to semi-passive income
Want to run a side business that potentially large
Love to write
Not currently need a quick income

The type of the most commonly used website is a blog ...

... so to be a successful publisher, you must love writing.
3. create a subscription service

This business model can be in different forms; there is a sameness in the payoff system: subscription.

So, the customers pay monthly or yearly.

These few examples of the form:

Blog with premium content
Forum with paid membership
Software/paid app
Courses, consultancy, services subscription
Digital magazine
Subscription product (example)

This subscription service business model going forward will be more popular. Even now the business-based business software/app almost everything had a subscription system.

The business model is a good fit for you:

Have or can make the product yourself, or ...
... can provide the added value of existing products
Need a stable direct income

4. Referral/CPA/Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate was marketing it business model where we promote products belonging to others, then we get commissions each time successfully sold.

Often also called referral marketing or CPA marketing.

In addition to ads, the most popular among bloggers.

The reason is that of his income (much) higher than the ad, and they don't need to dizzy made products.

The online business model is suitable for you:

Want to semi-passive income
Not being need money fast
Don't have big capital to start

Most people who start doing business affiliate marketing usually rely on the blog, so learn how to create and develop the blog.
5. Build a startup

Startup? Hell huh?

This understanding:

The startup is a newly built business models and works process with a completely new, not imitate any business who have been there before.

New shape ... has never been there.

So, for example, you started the business in the form of an online store that sells batik shirt, it is not a startup. Because the model is already public.

But if you make an app for the mem-booking taxi from smartphones, this startup. Go-jet.

Having previously not seen in Indonesia, yeah right?

I can't explain more about startup concept because it is such a sense of yesteryear: varies.

Clear the startup industry, currently in Indonesia are warm. Every week there are dozens of startup digital appears.

The business model is a good fit for you:

Love to innovate and accept a new challenge
Want to make something great, even changing the world

Although the startup, in General, can be started without capital and indirectly get income, you will need investors who are willing to fund.

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